Office for Career Orientation

Within Dardania College, the Office for Career Orientation functions as an important sector of the student service center. The staff of the office bring dedication and expertise to help students achieve success in developing their career.

The mission of the career office is to help the students of Dardania College both during their studies and after graduation in identifying, planning and achieving their preferred professional career.

It is worth mentioning that the career office also offers assistance to graduates either in secondary education institutions, or to individuals who come to be informed about choosing a profession or to be advised about student life. Thus the team of the Career Office after the quality conversation identifies their tendencies, motives and interests for different fields of study, and in this case offers useful and professional advice.

In short, the main objectives of the Career Office at Dardania College are the care and assistance offered to graduates to move from high school life to student life and from student-academic life to professional life. This means that the office experts continuously monitor the achievements of our students, from the moment of extensive enrollment in graduation and after graduation. The career office has a series of programs through which it manages to fulfill its mission.

The career office has a series of memoranda of cooperation with public institutions as well as with various public and private organizations and companies, where students of “Dardania” College have the opportunity to hold an internship which helps them in professional development, thus starting familiarity with the profession selected, with work activities bringing to life the first steps towards a professional career.

In support of the financial assistance of the students of the College “Dardania” since the establishment of the institution, the Work & Study program operates; The purpose of this program is to enable students to work part-time in some of the services of the College, such as: library, computer center, sound, technical maintenance, maintenance of the website and local electronic network of the College, registration office, copying center, administrative assistance, College buffet, etc.

The selection of students is based on the need for financial assistance and student skills. The first criterion is verified based on the documentation provided while the second criterion is verified in interviews that are specifically held with a certain number of applicants after selection based on the first criterion. The amount of money earned from the Work & Study program is reimbursed in the amount of the student’s tuition fee.

Another service that operates within the Career Office is the Work & Travel program which has assisted students with four months of seasonal employment in America and Europe. Through this program, some students have benefited from the experience of a cultural diversity, the advancement of the language, the transfer of experiences gained from different companies as well as the material benefit through which the student has the opportunity to pay for his studies.

Dardania College also has a memorandum of cooperation with the German Central Employment Office (ZAV). Through this program, College students are enabled to spend a semester vacation in Germany, where during that time students will have the opportunity to work, gain knowledge of German culture, advance the German language and transfer the experiences gained from a industrialized country, at a time when Kosovo is a young developing country.

Within the career office there is an ALUMNI program which follows and takes care of students who graduate from the College “Dardania” until their employment and later start working.

The main objectives of this program are:

• To help students move from academic to professional life;
• Assist students in planning, identifying, elaborating, and achieving career goals and job search campaigns;
• Provide up-to-date information on employment opportunities and internships;
• Provide up-to-date labor market information;
• Organize events that enable students to network and conduct interviews with employers;
• Promote and maintain active, ongoing and long-term partnerships with academic departments to ensure quality exchanges between the Career Office, the academic community and employers inside and outside Kosovo.


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