Dardania College is licensed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Kosovo, and accredited by Kosovo Accreditation Agency in institutional level and study programmes.

Dardania College started to function as formal-legal university with licencing with certificate nr. 898/02-1 of the date 1.12.2004 (December 1st, 2004) by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), for academic years 2004-2007, as a private university institution. 

The institution was re-accredited with the decision nr. 583/02-1 of the date 09.05.2007 (May 9th, 2007), for academic years 2007 – 2011, as Dardania University. During the institutional re-accreditation and re-accreditation of programs in Bachelor and Master level for 2009 and further, our institution was accredited and licensed as a Private Provider of Higher Education (PPHE) Dardania College by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA) and MEST.

The study programs on Bachelor (BA) and Master (MA) level have continued to function at Dardania College based on the Decisions of the KAA. Dardania College has successfully accredited programs that are demanded by the labor market. The last accrediation process which was on 2019, Dardania College has achieved successfully to be accredited in institutional level and also accredit the study programs by KAA.

Over the years, Dardania College has managed to successfully accredit these study programs at the Bachelor level:

  • Business Administration and Economics (BA) with specializations:
    • General specialization;
    • Banking, Finance and Accounting
    • Marketing dhe Entrepreneurship
    • Management and Informatics
    • Tourism Management
  • Banking, Finance and Accounting (BA)
  • Sustainable Economy and Tourism (BA)
  • Agrobusiness (BA)
  • Political Science and Public Administration (BA) with specializations:
    • Public Administration
    • European Studies
    • Diplomacy
    • Public Relations
  • Law with specializations:
    • Civil Law Science
    • Forensics Science
    • International Law Science
    • Business Law Science
  • Applied Psychology and Management Studies (BA)
  • English Language and American Studies (BA)
  • Social Care and Welfare (BA)
  • Architecture and Urban Planning (BA)
  • Management and Digital Business (BA) is in accreditaion process*

In addition to the study programmes at the Bachelor level, over the years Dardania College has managed to successfully accredit these study programs at the Master level:

  • Business Administration (MA)
  • Banking, Finance and Accounting (MA)
  • Public Administration (MA)
  • English Language and American Studies (MA)
  • International Relations and Diplomacy (MA)
  • Family Consultancy and Therapy (MA)
  • Organizational Psychology (MA)
*All study programmes have functioned according to the accreditation by Kosovo Accreditation Agency. Some of the programmes currently might not be active due to the accreditation process.

Laurent Krasniqi

BA Business Administration and Economics

“I’ve met some of my best friends through studying at Dardania College. It was a really great way to understand the community and integrate myself into it. ”


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Rector Word

The Rector of the Dardania College is managing authority which presides the Senate of the College, guaranties the efficiency of the decisions of the Steering Council.

Student's Opinion

Studies at Dardania College are very impressive because in addition to a friendly and welcoming environment, I have received additional support and opportunities which help a lot throughout the studies.

Erisona Zuka
BA Social Care and Welfare