Organizational Chart

Dardania College has an established well-designed organizational structure which details the roles, responsibilities and reporting relationships for better coordination of activities.

Steering Council

The Steering Council of the “Dardania” Collegeis the highest collegian administrative body of the institution, which guarantees the fulfillment of the Mission of the institution, the financial and administrative thrift of its activities, which has the competence to appoint the Rector of the institution, as well as other competences foreseen by the respective legislation and normative acts.


The Rector of the Dardania College is managing authority which presides the Senate of the College, guaranties the efficiency of the decisions of the Steering Council, provides informations to Steering Council, and reports on the request of the Council on the dynamics of the realization of duties. It oversees the work of academic units, delegates tasks and requires reports and efficiency of the units in the realization of tasks of teaching and research-scientific nature.


The Senate of the Dardania College is the high collegial body of the institution which approves the academic strategy, proposes candidates for the Rector of the College, and selects the academic personnel, based on recommendations of Reviewing Commissions and proposals by the Teaching and Scientific Councils of the Faculties.

The Deans

The Deans of the Academic Units of the Dardania College have managing authority and they lead academic units (the faculties). The Deans chair the Teaching-Scientific Councils of the units, and they report the Rector of the Dardania College for the realization of the duties in the teaching and research-scientific work.

Organogram of Dardania College

Laurent Krasniqi

BA Business Administration and Economics

“I’ve met some of my best friends through studying at Dardania College. It was a really great way to understand the community and integrate myself into it. ”


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