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Dardania College, based on the Statute of Dardania College and Reregulation for selection procedures for appointing, reappointing and advancement of academic personnel of dardania college and in accordance with the Accreditation Manual, completed in 2021, publishes the reports of the review commissions according to the announced competition.

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Since the content of this document is dynamic, updates will be shown at the time of change on the online version during the course of the normal academic year. Updates to the printed version of this document will be made only at the annual update and reprinting.

For information on the most recent policies and procedures, please refer to the online version of this document at: In cases of conflict between the information contained in the printed version of this document and its online equivalent, the information in the online version will take precedence over that in the paper Bulletin.

Because the Dardania College administers the academic program for Dardania College, the controlling policies and procedures on all academic issues are those of Dardania College. This Bulletin is based on those academic policies but may present them in an abbreviated form. For clarification, please check the original source on the Dardania College web site at

Academic Bulletins by Year


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