New Students

Our focus is to offer you opportunities to develop a successful career through support, advice, and resources designed for your needs during your studies. We are committed in favor of your success and we strive to further your achievements.

Why choose Dardania College?

Some of the main reasons that students choose to study at Dardania College are quality academic staff with the right qualifications, suitable location in the center of Prishtina, modern infrastructure, student-centered work, discovery learning, problem-based learning, collaborative learning, use of metacognitive methods, development of critical and analytical thinking, as well as the connection of theoretical learning with practical work.

Does Dardania College offer scholarships?
Dardania College offers scholarships to exemplary students and also supports students with financial difficulties through different means throughout semesters. For more information, please check our page related to Scholarships available to students here

What else should I know?

Upon admission to one of our study programmes, students are provided with college IDs and arranged in optimal groups according to the standards. For new students, a welcoming day is organized, where they are informed about the program, courses, lecturers, student rights and responsibilities, infrastructure, and everything else related to their studies and activities, including possibilities for socializing with their colleagues. In addition to the welcoming day, Dardania College organizes various events and activities throughout the year for all students. These events and activities are scheduled on the academic calendar of the college.

Before starting with their studies, students are informed about how to use DMS, a system used by Dardania College for lectures, exercises, assessment, and so on. A feature which is always appreciated by students at Dardania College is that all learning conditions are established, including appropriate schedule of lectures and consultations as demanded.

Requirements for Enrollment

The potential students in our bachelor study programmes are applicants who have successfully completed their upper secondary education and meet the conditions for continuing their studies. Students can apply online on our website or can choose to visit our site in Prishtina and apply in person. Some criteria that exist during application and enrollment in this program are the results of success in high school and the results of the Matura exam.

All students enrolled in our programmes are treated and respected equally, and their rights and responsibilities are defined specifically in the Statute and regulations of Dardania College, including their right to transfer to study programmes within country and abroad.

How to Apply?

All interested applicants in the study programmes of Dardania College can fill out the application form and they will be invited to information sessions organized by the college which provide more detailed information about the study plans and experience in our institution. By completing the form, you will also be notified for the application and enrollment deadlines in our study programmes.

In addition, our staff at the Office for Registration and Transfer of Studies assists interested applicants with guidance on filling out the application forms, and completing registration documentation required for enrollment.

The study programmes offered by Dardania College are unique and demanded in the labor market in Kosovo and beyond. The programs are designed by national and international staff in order to develop the careers of students who are considering to choose Dardania College for their studies.

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