Student clubs

The Student Clubs in our college were established and built on an academic basis, the purpose of the functionalization of the clubs lies in the orientation of the student, his adaptation to student life. Activity groups, or called ‘clubs’, aim to enable the organization and development of our students’ social activities, as well as to develop interpersonal relationships and leadership skills. Clubs are created by students and supported by teachers and overseen by the career office.


The Entrepreneurship Club aims to motivate and provide support to students who inspire to become entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurship Club takes place in an environment where its members have the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs. Students in this club engage in business development, working on a business plan and the final stage is launching a startup. Not only Dardania college students can participate in this club, but we also welcome membership and participation from high school and high school students.


The Career Club consists of current students and graduates of Dardania College, who are interested in developing their knowledge about the labor market and being as successful as possible in it. Career club activities are usually integrated with job interviews, guidance and counseling from career experts, support in developing leadership skills, support in developing hard and soft skills.



The ICT Club aims to improve the skills of ICT members by nurturing their creative and programming skills and sharpening their research and presentation skills. Our vision is to be more than just observers of technological development. So we aim to create technological catalysts in our environment.



The fantasy of the book is needed by the media, so this student club comes woven between imagination and techniques to put it into practice. Media is the ideal organization to build and strengthen relations between students and the main players of the media market, through publications in the Student Magazine, visits to public and private radio and television stations and various activities, students manage to prepare appropriate information that suits the media and mass media, at the same time, students make video recordings that also serve other members of the clubs and mini projects.



This club aims to cultivate, expand and teach human feelings in Albanian society, through participation in various voluntary activities and organizations in institutions such as orphanages, old people’s homes, rehabilitation centers, schools, kindergartens, which aim to sensitize students and include their in humanitarian campaigns.



This is an inclusive club, as everyone has the opportunity to express their personal opinion on the topic being debated, as well as get to know the opinions of others by accepting or opposing them. Participating in debate enables students to develop their communication skills, critical thinking, creativity, leadership, developing self-confidence and taking new initiatives.