Applied Psychology and Management

You’ll develop the cultural awareness and critical thinking skills you need to analyze and produce a broad range of discourse in a full spectrum of careers — and to make a difference in whatever you do.


The mission of the Applied Psychology and Management Studies programme at the bachelor level is to prepare the next generation of professionals and leaders capable of managing human resources in the corporation and of leaders in public activities. The Applied Psychology and Management Studies programme also aims to create competent professional staff, comparable to the countries of the European Higher Education Area, who through the knowledge of psychology which will serve as a tool for successful management, wherever you work and operates.

This applied program aims to enable students to manage the behaviors and actions of stakeholders within the organization taking into account their psychological implications in interpersonal relationships.

Learning Outcomes

The primary goal of the entire educational activity at Dardania College is for students to be systematically trained in academic, professional and practical fields. Learning outcomes of the program are defined in accordance with the NQF (National Qualifications Framework) and are therefore determined to be in line with the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area.

Upon completion of this study programme, students will be able to:

  • Have knowledge and skills in organizational psychology including designing and using tools for context analysis and improving workplace practices;
  • Demonstrate a critical and integrative understanding of the relationship between theory, research and good practice;
  • Possess a range of practices as well as consulting skills suitable for the field of psychology and management;
  • Assess key ethical legal and business issues in professional practice in organizational psychology;
  • To be equipped with advanced research skills such as designing, conducting and executing research projects;
  • Be able to use the knowledge and evidence gathered from research projects to inform their application to problems that arise in the workplace;
  • To communicate professionally in academic, professional and commercial environments;
  • Have confidence in their knowledge to be able to operate in complex and unfamiliar contexts, through the application of flexible, creative knowledge, and the generation of transformative solutions.

Study Plan

Semester 1ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
Introduction to Applied Psychology7Mandatory
Theories of Cognitive Processes, Learning and Motivation5Mandatory
Research Methods in Applied Psychology I: Quantitative Methods7Mandatory
Management Systems6Mandatory
English Language5Mandatory
Semester 2ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
Personnel Psychology6Mandatory
Research Methods in Applied Psychology II: Qualitative Methods7Mandatory
Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses7Mandatory
Elective 15Mandatory
Elective 25Mandatory
Semester 3ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
Emotional Intelligence7Mandatory
Motivation at Work7Mandatory
Project Management6Mandatory
Elective 35Mandatory
Elective 45Mandatory
Semester 4ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
Leadership and Organizational Development7Mandatory
Industrial and Organizational Psychology7Mandatory
Decision-making and Analysis6Mandatory
Elective 55Mandatory
Elective 65Mandatory
Semester 5ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
Consumer Psychology and Marketing6Mandatory
Introduction to Coaching Strategies7Mandatory
Testing and Measurement in Psychology7Mandatory
Elective 75Mandatory
Elective 85Mandatory
Semester 6 ECTS Credits Mandatory/ Elective
Management of Public Institutions 7 Mandatory
Strategic Management and Globalization 7 Mandatory
Graduation (Thesis) 6 Mandatory
Elective 9 5 Mandatory
Elective 10 5 Mandatory
Internship Mandatory

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