Management and Digital Business

You will develop the cultural awareness, critical thinking, and analytical skills you need to conduct business and use digital tools in your advantage in combination with management abilities to transform the delivery of products and services — and to make a difference in whatever you do.


The mission of Management and Digital Business (BA) programme is to provide qualitative education in the field of management and digital business at the bachelor level, respectively that through teaching, introduction to research, and practical training of the future cadre to contribute to sustainable and creative development in the service of business community. This programme aims at developing students’ technical and conceptual skills for leadership career, entrepreneurship, functional areas of management, and broaden their knowledge about professional business to be able to cope with the challenges of the contemporary digital application in business comparable to the developed countries. 

Management and Digital Business (BA) programme offers three-year studies and delivers a range of courses that are related to the most demanding fields in the labor market such as management, digital business, leadership, finance and accounting, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

The importance of the programme lies in preparing students to have a career prospect, preparing them for the entire spectrum of fields related to management and business. The program aims to continue to contribute to intellectual and creative development of students in order to prepare as many more qualitative ones, so their contribution can be effective in the country’s economic development and to the business community. 

The program is determined to be consistent with similar programs of Higher Education Institutions in European Union (EU) as it is focused on development of knowledge and skills needed for a graduate in Management and Digital Business (BA).

Learning Outcomes

The primary goal of the entire educational activity at Dardania College is for students to be systematically trained in academic, professional and practical fields. The aim of the study programme Management and Digital Business is to prepare students for careers that would be beneficial to them at their post-university education, leadership, management, and business and its digital tools.

Learning outcomes of the programme are defined in consistency with the NQF (National Qualifications Framework) and therefore determined to be compatible with the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area.

Upon completion of studies in BA Management and Digital Business, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge, practical application, and research skills during practical activities in the local market and beyond;
  • Apply acquired technical and conceptual skills to use contemporary digital resources necessary for e-business;
  • Apply conceptual learning, critical thinking, and decision-making skills in using contemporary digital resources related to business development;
  • Analyze the opportunities and implications that digital tools have in the management and organizational culture of the company;
  • Describe the social and ethical dimensions and their implications on digital business;
  • Apply knowledge related to entrepreneurship, management, leadership, business analysis, and e-business as a part of business strategies;
  • Demonstrate skills in dealing with the diversity of the workforce and clients in a continuous changing environment;
  • Apply acquired knowledge and managerial skills to cooperate effectively through team-work;
  • Demonstrate skills to constructively argue ideas, conduct basic research and to find solutions for various operational, tactical, and strategic issues.

Study Plan

Semester 1ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
Basics of Management     7Mandatory
Business Mathematics7Mandatory
Academic Writing5Mandatory
English Language5Mandatory
Semester 2ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
Introduction to Accounting7Mandatory
Statistics for Business7Mandatory
Introduction to Digital Business5Mandatory
Informatics for Business   5Mandatory
Semester 3ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
Managing Communication and Marketing                    7Mandatory
Research Methods7Mandatory
Financial Accounting and its Digital Context6Mandatory
Elective 15Mandatory
Elective 25Mandatory
Semester 4ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
Management Information Systems          7Mandatory
Digital Marketing7Mandatory
Business Models and Value Chains in the Digital Economy6Mandatory
Elective 35Mandatory
Elective 45Mandatory
Semester 5ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
E-Business & E-Commerce Management7Mandatory
Project Management7Mandatory
Human Resources Management6Mandatory
Elective 55Mandatory
Elective 65Mandatory
Semester 6ECTS CreditsMandatory/ Elective
E-Finance and E-Banking   7Mandatory
Strategic Management6Mandatory
Diploma Paper6Mandatory
Elective 75Mandatory

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