Administration Office

Dardania College has an efficient administration oriented towards functioning and organization according to the levels of the personnel and qualification, which works in cooperation with the colleagues from all the other sections of the institution and they all together contribute to the overall functioning of the College

The Administration Office provides assistance to students, academic and other staff, fulfilling administrative requirements as regulated in the Statute of Dardania College

The Administration Office follows the development and interpretation of policies and procedures; orientation; receiving complaints and requests; and perform other job responsibilities as required.

The Administration Office coordinates its main activities with the Financial Office, the Office for Registration and Transfer of Studies, and other offices within the College. 

The Administration Office is committed to support students, academic and administrative staff, by respecting human dignity, social justice, and the equality of opportunities. This office contributes to the development of a comprehensive and relevant environment for students, academic and administrative staff of Dardania College. 

Working schedule of the Administration Office is from 09:00 to 21:00. You can contact the office through telephone calls or e-mails provided below:

+38344249100   |   +38344636359  |

Administrative Staff

Valbona Elezi


Erisona Zuka

Administrative Staff

Besa Canolli

Administrative Staff


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Rector Word

The Rector of the Dardania College is managing authority which presides the Senate of the College, guaranties the efficiency of the decisions of the Steering Council.

Student's Opinion

Studies at Dardania College are very impressive because in addition to a friendly and welcoming environment, I have received additional support and opportunities which help a lot throughout the studies.

Erisona Zuka
BA Social Care and Welfare